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I paid for Premium but it hasn't been activated

Answer: Tap “Get Premium” and then on “Restore Purchase” to activate your purchase.

How do I get passed the purple lasers?

Answer: Shoot the glass on the side to destroy them.

I have purchased premium on one devices. Can I get premium on my other devices for free?

Answer: Yes, click restore purchases on the premium dialog. However this only works on iOS and Android separately, there are currently no cross platform purchases.

Is game progress synchronized across my different devices?

Answer: Yes, but you need the premium version. If it doesn’t work instantly after premium upgrade, try restarting the game. On Android you need to be logged in to Play Games. On iOS you need to have iCloud enabled. Unfortunately there is no way to synchronize progress between iOS and Android yet.

When restarting from a checkpoint, what number of balls will I have?

Answer: Whenever you pass a checkpoint, your best ball count and multiplier is saved. If want more balls on a certain checkpoint, try replaying from the previous one and stack up! Think of checkpoints as an automatic savegame that saves your best run.

The game force closes when I try to start it

Answer: Try updating to the latest system software. Go to Settings/About (Android) and run a system update.

Do you offer any alternative means of payment?

Answer: No unfortunately Smash Hit Premium can only be purchased directly on Google Play or iTunes.

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